The PBH Group is a reference in quality tourism in Portugal, providing unique experiences in exclusive locations.

The Group includes five-star hotel units throughout the country, among which are VidaMar Hotels & Resorts (Madeira and Algarve), Wine & Books Hotels (Lisbon, Porto, and soon in Sintra), as well as elegant local accommodation units such as Montargil Monte Novo (Alentejo), São Rafael Holidays, and Salgados Beach Villas (Algarve).

The units are distinguished for their exceptional charm, quality, and their close connection with nature and the surrounding areas, benefiting from distinctive and innovative concepts. At the same time, they provide a wide range of services to ensure that our guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, including access to spas, gyms, golf courses, beaches, cultural excursions, and gastronomic experiences. Whether you want to explore the city, enjoy the beach, or relax in the countryside, we have got you covered.

The Group is also present in the restaurant sector, with various establishments such as Tasca da Memória (Lisbon and Porto), Mamma Mia (Madeira), or the Restaurante da Praia de São Rafael and Primadonna (Algarve). 

VidaMar Hotels & Resorts

VidaMar Hotels & Resorts

Wine & Books Hotels

Wine & Books Hotels

Salgados Beach Villas

São Rafael Holidays

Montargil Monte Novo




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